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Sonny's Tunnel Conveyor Equipment

Washlinks is the Canadian Distributor for Sonny's The Car Wash Factory. Sonny's started as a Car Wash operator in 1949 and is presently the largest supplier of conveyorized car wash equipment, parts and supplies in the world.

Tunnel washes are available with conveyors as short as 43' to over 200'. You can see them on Sonny's website: https://www.sonnysdirect.com/

New Car Washes - Washlinks can assist with a site proforma, site plans and building designs.

Renovations - Whether it's a new component or a total car wash makeover, we have assisted many operators to become more profitable.

Car Wash College - Sonny's is committed to assisting operators to be successful and they have six one-week courses for owner, manager and service training.

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