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PDQ Automatic In-Bay Car Washes - Touchless or Touch.

Laserwash Touchless:

Washlinks is the distributor in Ontario for PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems.

The newest Laser Wash 360 Plus in-bay automatic car wash raises the standard for touchless car wash equipment. With Revenue Enhancement and Total Cost of Ownership Technology improvements being the main focus, this vehicle wash system delivers the industry's best Return on Investment. Smart 360(R) Technology enables the car wash system to be responsive to the dynamic conditions in the wash bay and allows it to "think for itself", increasing up-time and optimizing the wash process.

PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems
Laserwash Touchless Systems
ProTouch Tandem:

This superior wash system incorporates both touch-free and friction, giving operators who prefer the "clean" produced by friction systems a new choice.

PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems

Substantially faster wash speeds lead to increases in vehicle throughput and shorter lines that will make your customers happy. Simplified machine design and lower energy and utility usages reduce operating costs leading to a more profitable car wash operation.
Laserwash Touchless Systems

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